Harvard Alumni in Animal Health



Harvard Alumni in Animal Health is a Shared Interest Group (SIG) of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA). Our aims are to create a community of alumni who are interested in the many facets of animal health around the world, to connect alumni with similarly interested students and faculty, to bring visibility to Harvard graduates engaged in this field, and promote the betterment of global animal health through activities and collaborations. The group is not limited to a focus on a specific species, profession, or agenda, but rather seeks to include all Harvard alumni who are interested in any aspect of animal health as well as the sociological, biological, biomedical, ethical, and economical connections between humans and animals. 

Upcoming Events

 "Sea Turtle Fishery Interactions and Anesthesia - Unexpected Linkages"

with Craig Harms, Professor of Aquatics, Wildlife, & Zoo Medicine and Director of Marine Health Program (CMAST) at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

Tuesday March 18, beginning at 12:00 pm EST. Details to follow

 "Access to Pet Resources in America: Equity and Social Justice"

with Ms. Amanda Arrington,Senior Director, Pets For Life, Humane Society of the United States (https://www.humanesociety.org/issues/keeping-pets-life)

Wednesday April 14, beginning at 12:00 pm EST. Details to follow

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