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Our Motivation

Animals occupy a broad niche in our society, from household companions considered members of the family to sources of food and clothing, from a means of biomedical discovery and drug testing to wild animals celebrated and protected on their own merits. Encounters with domesticated and captive animals are encouraged from an early age and often inspire life decisions to work with, on, and for animals for one’s entire career. Even for those not professionally engaged in an animal-related activity, the ubiquity of animals in our culture and the array of feelings they engender stimulates much discourse while driving many segments of the economy. A growing realization of how connected we are to animals, ranging from personal emotional attachment to pandemic threats of emerging diseases, will keep the subject of animals front and center for years to come. Fostering the health and well-being of animals will become ever more important as our concept of responsible animal stewardship continues to evolve. It is in response to these societal trends that we formed a Shared Interest Group (SIG) of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) for Animal Health.

About Us

Executive Board


Betsy Richmond
AB '84

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For the past twenty years, Betsy has been in private practice as a companion animal veterinarian in Rhode Island. Prior to that she worked as an ER clinician in a teaching hospital in Washington DC. An undergraduate focus on primatology and tropical forest ecology has informed her lifelong interest in behavioral ecology and conservation biology. She hopes to promote dialogue and collaboration among the diverse membership of HAAH while highlighting work from a One Health perspective.


Sam Huttenbauer AB '94, MBA '99

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Vice President

Ever the believer that we need to leave our world a better place than when we entered it, Sam has devoted the last 20 years of his life to developing a novel plant, Camelina, from which he has produced a number of game-changing animal health products.  His current foci NatrixOne and Excel Supplements center around improving the lives and wellbeing of dogs, horses and livestock via his innovative CamOlive that provides powerful anti-inflammatory joint and skin/coat relief via an easy-to-use, affordable, and importantly - very sustainable - plant-based supplement. 

Sam is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Business School and a passionate supporter of animal health and global sustainability.


Michelle White
AB '05

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Michelle White is a companion animal veterinarian and PhD candidate at Cornell University studying the genetic basis of variation in clinical blood testing phenotypes in canine and feline patients. She also uses bioinformatics to link canine lymphoma subtypes to analogous human lymphoma subtypes for personalized medicine and drug development applications. In addition to her research, Michelle lectures about applied clinical genetics and ethics in Cornell's veterinary curriculum and participates in HQHVSN operations. Michelle's other Harvard Alumni work includes serving as Treasurer for the Radcliffe Choral Society Foundation.




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More info to come!


Casey Cazer
AB '12

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Casey is a veterinary epidemiologist at Cornell University, where she researches antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases from a One Health perspective. She teaches veterinary students about public health and small animal general practice. Casey is one of the founding members of the HAAH SIG.


To connect graduates of Harvard University both in person and virtually, nationally and internationally, who share an interest in animal health


To develop animal health-centered activities related to Harvard and in support of Harvard such as educational symposia


To encourage undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with career aspirations in animal health and provide them interim opportunities such as summer internships or research projects


To build networks to help Harvard graduates develop personal and professional relationships at any stage in their careers or interests in this field 


To promote the advancement of animal health-related disciplines (including the social sciences and humanities) by and for Harvard graduates


To create and sustain an inviting, vibrant, stimulating, and productive organization, anchored by fair and transparent governance and sound finances


Our Goals
Executve Board
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