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Harvard Alumni in Animal Health Website Code of Conduct

Last Updated December 18, 2020

Harvard Alumni in Animal Health is committed to creating an inclusive and respectful community of Harvard alumni interested in the many facets of animal health. We all approach animal health with different personal experiences and pathways. This diversity is a significant strength and it is important that we appreciate that diversity and create inclusive environments that encourage everyone to contribute. To that end, the Executive Committee suggests that members of Harvard Alumni in Animal Health consider the following guidelines for posting on our website. These guidelines can be discussed and modified by members via suggestions to the Executive Committee:

  • Respect others’ viewpoints, experiences, and beliefs

  • Communicate openly and kindly in discussions and disagreements

  • Seek to understand and appreciate others perspectives

  • Value others for their unique contributions to our shared interest group

  • Appreciate the opportunity that we have to learn from others in this community

  • Keep all conversations confidential unless permission is explicitly given for distribution outside of the website

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